5 Ways To Maintain Your Momentum During Periods of Overwhelm


As artists, creators, and entrepreneurs, we have been gifted with our talents and ambition. It is what has paved the way for us to lead fulfilling and successful lives. But, sometimes things can get a bit hectic! From auditions to meetings to new projects, it’s easy to find ourselves drained, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

But, this is not the time to quit! This is the time to adjust your life to allow for more rest and creative nurturing so that you can continue pursuing your dreams head on. The best way to beat this is to keep your momentum going in a healthy and positive way.

Instead of letting these overwhelming periods disrupt your momentum, you can maintain it with a bit of self-care, organization, and positivity. When you have these things in check, you’ll be prepared to take on any bump in the road.

Let’s dive in deeper!


1. Maintain your health

I completely understand how easy it is to skip meals when you’re in the zone or sacrifice hours of sleep to finish a piece of your project. Passion can often be blinding for the human body -  you’re so focused that you forget you’re hungry or tired.


But here’s the reality of the situation: your success will mean nothing if you’re not well enough to enjoy it or capitalize on it! How are you going to promote your latest project if you have the flu? Or start on your follow-up if you’re mentally wiped out?

This can be extremely difficult to do, but putting your health first has to be a priority. Schedule your days to include time for eating and rest. Take catnaps if you need to or simply go outside and take a walk to give your brain a breather.

This also isn’t the time to sacrifice your diet! Sure, running out for fast food is exactly that, fast, but your body will hate you for it after awhile. Stay hydrated, get your nutrients in, and keep the takeout to a minimum.


2. Stay organized

The best way to beat overwhelm is to stay organized. When you welcome order into your life, it will be easier to remain focused, productive, and clear-minded.

Maintain a daily calendar so you know what’s coming at you every day. This puts less pressure on you to remember everything and will allow you to visualize how busy you are. Log your time when you’re working to learn how you can improve your productivity and better adjust how much time you give yourself for tasks. Also, write neat notes that are categorized and easy to find.


Another way to stay organized is to keep clean! Messiness will only cause you to feel more stress and overwhelm, so take the extra 5 minutes to clean the dishes or make your bed. Letting things like this go by the wayside will only take away more precious time from you later.


3. Improve your environment

Give your senses a treat! Put some fresh flowers on display, rearrange the furniture in your spaces, or simply light a candle. Surprisingly, the simplest thing, like a poorly lit room, can throw off your flow, so find what makes your senses happy and embrace them!

Another way to improve your environment is to keep inspiration close by. There is always a person, event, idea, or philosophy that is responsible for why you started on your artistic journey. Be sure to keep those things present. Display vision boards, photos, or quotes that inspire you and incite positivity. When you feel down, these items will lift you right back up.

Create, or recreate, a space that calls your name and makes you want to work! You’ll feel more balanced and productive when you have a space that appeals to you completely.

Improving your environment doesn’t stop there - it includes people too! Negative people should always be avoided but especially during times of overwhelm. You can use all the light and positivity that you can get to maintain your momentum and propel you forward. Don’t let the negativity of anyone’s darkness slow you down! Keep your interaction with these people to a minimum or lovingly confront them about the effect they have on others.


4. Make time for rest, relaxation, and fun!

Sometimes, a break is absolutely necessary whether we like it or not. It can be due to extreme writer’s block or a loss of passion in a project. Whatever it is, if you feel that you’re not accomplishing anything, then it’s time to take a step back and reflect.


I know it can be hard to stop when you’re in the grind, but taking yourself out of the trenches allows you to return with a fresh perspective and better ideas.

Take the time you need to reflect on your current position, to think about what your next steps should be, and to create a plan for how you’re going to go about them. When the time is right, dive back into your work and see it flourish!

I understand how breaks can be painful when all you want to do is work, but you must train your brain to accept just how necessary they can be. Understand that it is okay to take a day off when you are absolutely spent. It is okay to take a short trip away if you need an escape. And it is definitely okay to spend a night out with people you love!

Designate time every week for self-care and a little bit of fun. Whether it’s getting your nails done or spending 20 minutes journaling, self-care is like a breath of fresh air for your mental health. Along with that, make it a priority to set time aside for other things you love to do. Go to a wine and paint night, hit the club, or kick it at home with a good movie and popcorn. Let yourself live!


5. Celebrate

Just think about this for a second: you are busy and overwhelmed because you are doing what you love! How can you let any negativity seep into your life when you have so much to celebrate?

Too often, we focus on our losses and setbacks while paying no mind to our successes. These two entities should receive equal attention. Let your losses teach you and your successes drive you!

You have decided to spend your life doing something that you love and that’s a success in and of itself. There are plenty of people who never find it in themselves to take a step toward in pursuing their dreams, but you have. Don’t forget that.

Although you are going through an overwhelming time, have a little party in your head (or an actual one) for the amazing work that you’re doing. Go on - celebrate!

During busy and overwhelming times, it can be a struggle to imagine ever escaping it, but I urge you to keep the faith! This time will die down and you’ll be able to recover. How you handle these hard times will determine how well you can handle the really good times, so remember to stay positive and stay passionate! Discover how you can incorporate these tips into your life to keep your momentum steady and on track for true success.


Nicole DaRosa

Nicole DaRosa is the founder and blogger-in-chief of Glamorously You, where she helps young women on their journey to becoming their most glamorous selves, inside and out. Through her writing, she encourages readers to feel confident in their true identities, partake in constant self-improvement, and sport a style of their own. Nicole describes herself as a glamorous introvert, lipstick connoisseur, avid journalista, and a lover of all things sparkly.

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