Why Not You: 4 Strategies to Help You Stop Making Excuses & Walk in Your Purpose - NOW!


Hey, what's up beauties and gents!

Lately, I've been having a constant conversation with some of you about fear. Many of you are struggling with the desire to move forward while dealing with all the realistic possibilities of how your new, lofty idea won't work out. *Putting up my church finger* May I insert my two cents? Please?

Yes? Aw, thanks!


YES, I know you got two jobs, a man, a dog, maybe some kids, yo mama and 'em ain't trying to help you out, the supervisor threatened to fire you, the rent gotta get paid, not to mention it's been a minute since you even thought about doing something nice for yourself. So you headed to the beach for a vacay to get turned ALL THE WAY UP and don't even have time to have this conversation right now.

Got it.

But the truth still remains....that the days of putting fear before your purpose are gone. Life is too short to be sitting at your desk doodling, and dreaming of better days when you could actually be living them.

I know you hear this type of motivational "BS" all the time, and it leaves you frustrated because you still don't know HOW, right?  You're constantly asking about the practicality of your ideas; and without a way to really consider the risk, it's hard to make the next move. Am I any where near the heart of your issue? If so, keep reading. If not, well, keep reading, I'm getting ready to land. Promise.

I'm gonna give you a really simple action plan that will help you put one foot in front of the other, provided you're even interested in moving forward with embracing a plan that moves you beyond your comfort zone and into a more fulfilling stage of life. If you are, that's great!  Check out the four super easy steps below.

Okay, wait, wait, WAIT! Let me say this. So there's this hashtag I use a lot on social media. I've been using it for about 4 years. The hashtag is #prayplanworkrepeat™ . For me, it's more than just a hashtag. I actually approach my work and the start of new endeavors with this system, including revamping my acting career in 2015. Below I break it all the way down so that you too can use this system to get 'er done!



Talk to God about the deepest desires of your heart.

The desires that you've repressed because your circumstances started dictating what was really possible.


Yes, beauties and gents. I mean it literally. PRAY! But not that whiney prayer where you start with complaining about your ratchet supervisor. I want you to start with gratitude. It doesn't matter how ratchet that job is, it pays the bills boo. As a result, you've got shelter, food, clothing.  So, yeah. Chin up.

When you've gotten through giving thanks to the Almighty for blessing you with what you already have, then pour out your heart and dream. We don't dream no more, man! DREAM! Talk to God about the deepest desires of your heart. The desires that you've repressed because your circumstances started dictating what was really possible. It's a lie. You don't have to settle. Dream.Out.Loud!

Now thank God for it! If you can see it, it can be done.  But, HOW!? I HEAR YOU. Don't yell! I'm sensitive. Lol



What do you want?

You must be crystal clear about what you want before you start put your hands to work in order ensure that the outcome.

That's right babes, plan! So you want to keep the same position, but just move to another company where there's more earning potential and better benefits? Ok, cool! Maybe you want to start a new business? Perhaps you'd like to get a promotion. Below are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you put a proper plan in place for your next move.

1. What do you want? What does the new chapter of your life look like? How much money do you make? Where are you working? Who are you in the room with?

2. Who has done what you're trying to do? What steps did they take to get there? What steps can you also take? (i.e. where did they go to school? What types of training did they receive? What types of networking events did/do they attend?)

3. Does anyone in your network have information about events, job openings, and/or competitive industry knowledge that will give you a bit of an edge?

4. Is your resume updated? Does it highlight your strongest, transferrable skills?

5. Are there skills that you need to acquire to make you more competitive? If so, what are they?

6. What's the deadline for each area of focus (i.e. research, revisions, submissions, etc.)

7. How much money will it take to implement your action plan?

8. How much time (per day, week and/or month) will you allot to your goal in order to accomplish it?



You Gotta Work Your Plan.

This is probably where I see most folks fall off. I mean you've got the dream right there in your hand. It's hot! But you talk about it more than you werk it!  (No, that's not a typo. I meant werk. lol)

You gotta werk your plan beauties and gents! More often than not, folks leave the plans in a folder tucked away because they're afraid to fail. That's real.  But fear is not. It's an illusion. I mean really, what's the worst that can happen?  Somebody laughs at you? Talk about you? OK. So what? Just attempting to live out your dream is far more courageous than most people will give your credit for. Let the naysayers do what they do. You go do what you need to do - and work the hell outta that plan!

Don't get discouraged if you don't have a lot of time at first to devote to your plan.  You may only have 30 minutes a day to do one thing on your list. But it all counts. Every day that you put in work, counts! It doesn't matter that you can't get it all done today because you have to work long hours, that's fine! Work your hours. When you come home, put in 30 minutes for your new endeavor or wake up 30 minutes earlier to get a little work done before you head off to work.



Once you've got a system down, just rinse and repeat.

When you've worked through one big idea and it's time to start another, start all over with the system again.

Once you've got a system down, just rinse and repeat. When you've worked through one big idea and it's time to start another, start all over with the system again.

So that's really the jist of it beauties and gents. You prayed the prayer and the plan is written. The only thing standing in between you and what you want now is you. So what are you gonna do boo?

I know some of you may say, nah, that's too easy. Honestly, you're right. There are more intricate steps that you have to consider along the way. But the crazy thing, is that you don't know what those are, and even if you do it doesn't matter, until you at least start. We learn by doing. We learn by failing. I mean there's setting up the business, logos, business cards, tax forms. But none of that stuff is really the bread and butter of your business right off the break. Well, unless your an actor in which case  the headshot and resume are paramount. But if you're not a performer, and you're trying to do something that doesn't require a lot of start up costs, then all you really need is a simple plan to help you get started.

You agree or nah? Let me know! Leave your comments below. Hit me up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let me know how you intend to implement my system, #prayplanworkrepeat™.  I wanna see you win! Let's go get it!