Keep Your Head in the Game


When I'm not working, I can probably be found enforcing rules at home to keep my husband and sons from totally demolishing our home by way of horseplay, wrestling and anything else that seems to be extremely dangerous and competitive. By nature, my boys are very competitive and extremely passionate. I've determined not to try to change them, but rather guide them in their development to becoming young men.

For my man-child, a big lesson that comes up often is helping him to focus on solving the immediate problem. He's gotten better at it over the years. I remember when he was much younger, he decided to play an impromptu game of basketball with another little boy at the playground. The boy was a bit faster and skilled in his dribbling. As a result, Elijah couldn't always get the ball from him the way he wanted. After some pursuit, he grew frustrated and looked at me for permission to quit. Instead, I yelled, "Keep your head in the game! Keep playing! Figure it out!" He sighed, turned around and gave another great effort to get the ball.

After the little boy scored a few more times, Elijah was finally able to steal the ball, run it down the court and score! He ran to me and asked if I saw him. I told him yes and that I knew he could do it if he just hung in there. Gratefully, I was right and my son walked away with one of many lessons in the area of focus and perseverance. But so did I.

As an adult, how often do we give up before we really see something through to the end? How many times, like Elijah's game, does defeat seem imminent - so you count your costs, tuck your tail and walk away - from your dream, the love of your life, your goals, etc? What would happen if you determined to keep your head down while you continue to work it out? What would happen if you ignored the chatter from those on the sidelines yelling, "Give up!"  What if you weren't interested in requesting permission from others to continue? What could you achieve if you weren't concerned with what people had to say about you and your desires, especially since that's none of your business anyway? What could happen? What would your life be like?

You owe it yourself to answer those questions. Once you do, figure out if you really want the life that's in your heart to live. If your answer is "yes!" then move forward knowing that you may stumble, the pursuit may be challenging, but if you keep your head in the game - success is possible!



I believe in you. I believe God cares - and I believe your time is now.

If you want it then get in the game.

Will it be hard? Most definitely.  But still my advice to you is: keep your head in the game. WORK and WIN!

Let's go!

I'm rooting for you!

Go be great!