The Boss Artist Nation Mastermind Group Coaching Program was created for artists (i.e. actors, writers, dancers, directors, etc) and creatives who seek to develop, plan and implement sizable goals in a specific amount of time and seek to add more clarity, structure, and accountability to their process. This program is perfect for you if you’ve grown tired of spinning your wheels, need a customized plan to execute to reach big career goals, and/or have interest in developing a new area of your career and have no idea where to start! We understand - and we can help!

This program is only offered twice a year over the course of 6 weeks. While working with Latasha, you will strategize a solid, linear plan and prioritize high-yield tasks in an effort to accelerate your progress. It sounds so simple, and that’s really the magic in working with Latasha! If you trust the process and do the work, you will absolutely smash your goals with her cheering you on all the way.

Mastermind Coaching includes: 

- weekly, 45-minute group coaching sessions

- full evaluation of your long and short term goals 

- bold, customized action steps to accelerate your progress

- creating a solid system that helps you find time that you didn’t think you had to give to your big goals

- weekly office hours with Latasha to discuss wins, losses, and other significant challenges

- FREE admission to workshops and THINK TANK for 2 months

- relentless accountability


Those who work with Latasha month to month usually experience massive success due in large part to the structure, focus and accountability obtained while working with her. Now it’s your turn!

The last session of the year begins Monday, November 5th 2018.

Enroll and get a fresh perspective and a head start on your goals for 2019!

We’re going higher - together.

Come sit with us.

Your investment:


kudos and kind words


"I first met Latasha at her vision board party. I was inspired and invigorated with inspiration and possibility for my career and dreams and sought mentorship. I was struggling and stuck with the next steps to propel my career and life and Latasha lovingly pushed me forward out of my comfort zone to reach out and grab the opportunities around me by unique goal setting and action planning strategies. The results I produced within 3 months include me acquiring a new job, starting a new business, and realizing my creative and artistic dreams thanks to the foundational work and support Latasha has provided. So far, I've been running on the treadmill of success with Latasha as my trainer. The question to ask yourself is: Would you be willing to stay on and do the work?" - Sabrina Marcel, Pandora


"I emailed Latasha for advice/tips on how to break into the acting industry, and she got right back with me to set up a phone conference. We talked on the phone for almost an hour and she shared with me exactly what I needed to do to start. Latasha gave me the names of leading acting coaches, headshot photographers, and openly shared her experiences with me. She makes herself available whenever you need her and she genuinely cares about your growth as a person and as a performer. Latasha really cares about your success. If there is anything that she can do to help you, she's on it." - Brooke Pearson, E! News, Intern

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"I met Latasha during the summer of 2011 and since then, she’s been a constant pillar of support! She is always there to give business advice – be it the next steps to take, a fresh perspective or helping me see the bigger picture/find the lesson in a situation. Being a young woman of color, it’s so important to feel supported by women with wisdom. Even when we haven’t spoken in a while, she’ll pop in, check in and give me words of strength. I appreciate Latasha’s constant encouragement, real advice and commitment to growth!" - Sherine Patrick, CEO/Founder, Enerjiee Eyewear

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"Working with Latasha  has done wonders not only for my consulting business but my acting career as well. She helped set daily, weekly, and monthly goals with me and often checked in to make sure I was on track. That accountability was certainly what I needed to keep pushing toward my goal." - Adriene Brathwaite, Actress


"When I started my own theater production company Latasha was a key player in the development of my business plan and positioning.  She always made herself available when I needed production or business advice.  After the production of my first show, I sat with her to pick through post-wrap up notes and apply those lessons learned to further the mission and sustainability of my company.  She consistently gives solid advice and I will definitely be sitting down with her again as I pursue my next venture." Tramaine Brathwaite, CEO/Founder, Maine Drama Productions


"Latasha Kennedy is a force to be reckoned with and I don't say that lightly. I first met Latasha several years ago. She was the main actress on a film that I acted as a P.A. on. I knew that I wanted to work directly with her at some point because of her charisma and talent, but I didn't yet realize how multi-faceted and multi-talented she was. Fast forward to this year, where I have had the pleasure of working with her in her triple threat glory as the writer, actress, and producer. Yes she indeed has it like that! Her passion, determination, and perseverance are contagious and have made me strive to be a better writer and director. She constantly raises the bar and inspires me to want to continue to raise the bar for myself. When she asked me to direct her first screenplay, I was nervous because I hadn't worked in film for several years. But our chemistry was undeniable and her belief in me and gentle pushing helped me bring my A game to the production. She is inclusive in that way. Her dream project became mine and we collaborated to make a solid debut that we are both proud of. She inspires me to think bigger, dig deeper, and act bolder. Latasha is the real deal and I could not recommend her services more wholeheartedly." -Monique Hazeur, Screenwriter/Director



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