3 Ways to Combat Fear


When you hear people say "be fearless", "do you boo", "just do it", how inclined are you to really follow the advice? Is it easier for you to talk about living fearlessly than it is to really BE.FEARLESS? If so, there's nothing to be ashamed of, friend. We've all been there. I certainly have!

Let's be honest, I think we can agree that being fearless, is not always the easiest thing to be - consistently. But it doesn't mean that it's not worth your effort to try.  Like you, I have big dreams and sometimes my perspective about my less than ideal circumstances and my own insecurities have disqualified me from winning in certain areas of my life. It wasn't until I got super focused on specific goals, committed to using what was already in my hands, and gave a big middle finger to my fears that I was able to accomplish things that I had only been talking about. Have you ever been there?


Fear is not the easiest thing to manage. Even now there are things I do afraid. But over the years I have found ways to manage my fears so as to not delay or stop my progress. Check out the 3 ways I think you can combat fear:

1. Embrace the likelihood that "the feeling" probably won't go away.

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The thing about fear is that it can create a lot of noise and obstacles in your mind that aren't really there. Have you ever found yourself rationalizing why something that you really want to do can't be done? You say things like, "I would if I had the money", or "I don't really have any time to start because I'm already sooooo busy!" 

But if we get really real and pull back the curtain, we'd see that you actually could accomplish that goal, even with the circumstances being less than ideal. I know what that thinking process is like because I've totally been there. I made excuses - I didn't have enough time, money, babysitters, you name it! Is it true that sometimes I didn't have enough of [something] in my possession? Sure. But did it mean that I couldn't start? Nah. Why not? Because if you consider how valuable a small start can be, and how it can propel you towards the larger, seemingly unattainable goals that you have, you'd stop wasting time making excuses and get started - even if it was just one small step. So let's just call it what it is - you're scared and it's paralyzing your progress. If that's true for you, it's okay. I got you.

I was right there too. Paralyzed by fear and unable to take a step towards my goals.  When I accepted that I would have to win with fear by my side, fear began to have less of a hold on me. I started moving different and taking chances on myself that many considered risky but were calculated and necessary. I knew I had to take the leap - and that whatever issues came up while venturing out into unknown territory, that I'd be ok. I'd figure it out.

What would you do if you really believed you could figure it out? How much bigger would you dream if you betted on yourself and went for "it"? That's not a rhetorical question either. I really want to know. 

2. Enthusiastically welcome accountability into your life.



Everyone needs someone who won't let us run away from our greatness instead of running towards it.

Listen, we all need accountability. We all need someone who will help us see ourselves in a way that promotes real self-awareness and growth. It's absolutely necessary to have someone in our lives who can pick up on the times when we're losing confidence, and who won't let us run away from our greatness instead of running towards it.

Do you have someone in your life who won't let you run? Is there someone you trust and respect enough, to tell the truth so that you can begin to explore appropriate resources to resolve your challenges? If not, then I challenge you to find someone like that within the next week. Yes, find someone within the next 7 days who can serve as your accountability partner -  and go do that shit now!

3. Don't bs yourself and others. Go straight towards what you really want.


A few years ago, I wanted to work as an artist full-time. I had been working as a Program Director for a non-profit and was ready to return to acting. When I did, I realized that the game had changed a bit and that I needed to get my skills on track for what I wanted: to book co-star roles on television. So I sought after and took classes with some of the best teachers in New York, and reached out to my peers to express my interests.

There were certain tasks I had to complete right away including getting a new website up, taking new photos, strengthening my audition techniques, and building relationships with the decision makers. I knocked that out quickly. My goal was 12 months. I booked two roles in 6 months. How?

I played to win.

I want you to do the same! Whatever you're working towards, play to win. Seek guidance and instruction from those who can help you accelerate your process by offering exclusive information, tips, and resources that don't just let you play, but that coupled with your hard work, earn you a seat at the table. 

You're here for a purpose. Don't let your dreams die because you think you don't have what others have or that you're not enough. That's not true - and embracing that mentality won't help you live your best life.

I encourage you to just start, and celebrate the journey of building the life you want to live. The world needs what you have to offer. So play to win! I'm rooting for you, and best of all, God is with you! 

To Your Success,