5 Reasons It May Be Time to Reinvent Yourself


It can be a tough life being an artist. The creative world is such a subjective one that it can very easily set you into a place where you feel like you are stuck in a rut. You can overcome this and move forward in your life. If you do find yourself stuck, you should really look at where you are and see if maybe you are stuck because it has become time to reinvent yourself as both an individual and an artist. This may be a bit intimidating, but this may be the best thing that you end up doing for yourself.

1. You Feel Unmotivated

The biggest reason that it may be time to reinvent yourself is because you just feel unmotivated to continue the work that you are currently doing. Maybe you are stuck in a specific niche because it is the one that is earning you income but not necessarily fulfilling your need for creativity. This could very well cause you to feel unmotivated to work in your current career path. If that is the case, you need to start doing something that fulfills this creative need that you have. For instance, maybe you are currently focusing your illustration work in the ad industry rather than illustrating for books or comics like you want to. Making this simple switch, you will find the motivation that you have been desperately seeking.

2. You Want to Change Your Image

When you think about this category, think of an artist like Miley Cyrus or even a Britney Spears. These were two people that started off as Disney sweethearts but they knew that they needed to change this image to transition into a career as an adult that is taken seriously. If you want to change how you are perceived in the industry, you need to change your image. That means that anytime someone encounters your business, You, Inc, they get the same impression of you every time. "Oh that guy is a laid back, professional with cool socks," or that girl has the best Bohemian dresses." Whatever your vibe is, whatever makes you feel like a complete badass, share it - always! You should always be sharing with the world who you are - authentically.

3. You Have a New Purpose

First let me say that you can only discover your purpose pursuing your goals. It won't happen by osmosis. It just won't. You're going to have to get out there, be bold, be fearless, identify what you want and work actively towards getting it. When you do that, it's possible that you will discover that there is something else, or a new way of expressing yourself that is more aligned with your purpose. It's OK! For example, perhaps you've become connected to a particular social cause and want to lend your voice and skills to creating awareness about it. So instead of being a freelancer, maybe you should work with a particular nonprofit for awhile.  It could be a great way to use your creative gifts to share your voice and make your mark.

Think about it!

4.  A New Passion

Finding a new passion isn't a bad thing. If you've excelled at writing short stories and novellas, but you have developed a growing interest in photography, that's not a bad thing. Continue to nurture that new passion by taking classes and learning more about what it would take to excel at it. 

5. You Have New Goals

Many life experiences can cause one to feel like it's time to take on new goals. Perhaps you've been stuck in a rut, or maybe you feel a bit unsatisfied with where you are and want to stretch yourself a bit. If you're feeling that way, don't ignore your internal need to grow. Go for whatever the "new thing". It will require a focused and unrelenting pursuit as new goals often make us very aware of what our learning curve is in a particular area. For example, when I first decided that I wanted to work in film, my goals were to learn the lingo, understand camera angles, and how to tone down a performance without making it stale for the camera. I was a Theatre head for many years and hadn't even considered doing films until my goals popped up. So I had a major learning curve and needed to get on my feet to learn how to perform on camera.  I decided to work with my local film school so that I could get some on the job training and continue to build my resume.

What new goals do you have and how can you start preparing to excel at them?  Let me know in the comments section! I'd love to know what you're up to!

Have a great day, beauties and gents! 

To dreams fulfilled,